Preparing for your retirement

Retirement planning should begin well before you exit the workforce, and just because you retire doesn’t mean your planning should too. We see it as just one part of your overall wealth plan.

As you plan for life in retirement, preserving your wealth, creating sustainable income and maintaining your lifestyle or legacy are probably your highest priorities. Our team specializes in wealth management needs such as income projections, distribution planning, estate and legacy planning, as well as other essential needs such as life and long-term care insurance. Depending on the nature of your needs and objectives, we may incorporate:

  • Accumulation and income-projection modeling. Understanding exactly what you need to retire to maintain your lifestyle is critical.
  • Distribution planning. Carefully planning – and timing – withdrawals is key to preserving your assets throughout retirement.
  • Employer-provided benefits integration. Understanding how to most effectively integrate benefits such as 401(k) and defined benefit plans into your overall retirement-income strategy is crucial.

As you enjoy the rewards of a lifetime of success, our constant vigilance in the ongoing management of your plan can help ensure you make the most of it.